THE SPIRIT OF SOUTHERN KENTUCKYSomerset's marketing campaign, logo highlights all corners of city

City of Somerset

Somerset's new logo debuted Thursday, along with a video package that will "tell the city's story" across Kentucky.

"It's the start of a marketing campaign that we may hear more of in the weeks and months to come," Somerset Mayor Alan Keck said, in reference to a new video that shows the city in a clever new light.

The video made it's debut Thursday, being seen more than 10,000 times by Friday morning when Keck spoke about it.

"I've never been a part of anything that was viewed that many times that quickly," he said.

The video tells the "story" of Somerset. It comes complete with a new logo that visualizes the four aspects highlighted in the video: Industry and Economy; Outdoor Adventure; Lake Cumberland's Shorelines; and Agriculture and Art.

"Somerset is unique in that we are the only city in the state that can stake claim to all four," Keck said.

The logo itself has been compared to many things, Keck said, from a flower to a four-leaf clover to a boat propeller, fitting since the lake is such a prominent feature of the video.

That video was shot in several locations across the area, including two different areas of Lake Cumberland and the Lake Cumberland Regional Airport.

Keck said the location for filming the segment spotlighting Agriculture and Art was the second floor of Jarfly Brewing Company, another fitting aspect, both in that Jarfly represents both realms of art and agriculture, and that owner Daniel Stroud was central in the creation of the logo and the video.

Keck said the group that worked on the project consisted of both city employees and creative members of the community. Along with Stroud, Keck said it was brought to life by Leslie Ikerd, Joy Carrol, Jeffrey Edwards, Tyler Whitaker and Jeremy Scrimager.

"I'm thrilled and I look forward to telling our story across the state," Keck said.