“I love it. I could paint all day long.”

Faye Fisher’s world is her canvas. Her artwork is on display from Eubank to Somerset to Burnside; wherever the deft touch of her brush can transform a mundane surface into a magic carpet.

Probably no local artist has such a widespread exhibit, and growing.

“I’ve got almost 100 windows to paint before Christmas,” said Fisher.

Murals painted by Fisher are conversation starters all over the county. Some of her more visible murals are at Meece’s Pro Hardware and Country Collectibles on East Mt. Vernon Street; Mr Gatti’s Pizza and Johnny B’s BBQ and Grill, both on South U.S. 27; and My Fair Lady beauty salon in Cundiff Square. There are many more; she has doing this type of painting for a dozen years.

During the Christmas season Fisher’s brush takes a festive stroke.

“I start painting windows the week before Thanksgiving and continue until near Christmas,” Fisher said. “I work day and night (during the Christmas season). I paint really fast ... like lightning.”

A mural, for example, takes her from two to six hours, “depending on what they want,” Fisher said. Ideas come from “coloring books ... and I ask people (what type of painting they desire).”

Artists are born, not made. Fisher is self-trained. She has a God-given talent inherited from her mother, the late Lena Nichols. Her father was the late W. R. Nichols, owner of W. R. Nichols Lumber Company.

“I started as a little girl, helping mother,” Fisher remembers. “Mother painted lampshades.”

Fisher had an opportunity to attend an art academy, but she declined.

“I entered an art contest and they offered to pay my tuition to an art academy,” Fisher recalled. “But I didn’t go. I wanted to get married.”

Fisher has been married 37 years to Jimmy Fisher, superintendent of the Somerset Sanitation and Street Department. They have three children: Jimmy, Billy and Kevin, and three grandchildren.

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