During the same day two arrests were made at Northern Middle School, Pulaski County School officials dealt with reports of terroristic threatening at Pulaski County and Southwestern high schools.

A school system spokesperson said no arrests were made — but added that each report of threatening activity would be investigated.

“We continuously encourage students and parents to let us know about any comments or concerns, no matter how minor they seem,” said Sonya Wilds, director of pupil personnel. “After very public incidents, we typically get a flurry of reports because students are very directly reminded that it is important to report these things.”

An incident at Southwestern High School began Thursday after school when a parent called to say that a student had been threatened by another student, Wilds said. She added that the school administration and the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department investigated the situation.

Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood said school officials expressed some concerns over some remarks that had been brought to their attention. He said the school resource officer was made aware of the situation and a detective unit began investigating.

Wood said the male student who allegedly made the threat was contacted, along with some of his family members.

“After a dialogue with all members, it was resolved through the gentleman being removed from Southwestern High School for the remainder of the year,” said Wood.

He said it was a mutual decision made by the family, with the input of school administration and law enforcement, for the student not to return to school.

“Everyone’s primary goal was to ensure the safety of everyone involved,” said Wood.

A separate incident occurred at Pulaski County High School on Thursday when a student reported that another student had made a threatening statement, Wilds said.

Wiles said the school investigated the issue, and the student was referred for further assessment. The student is not currently in school, she said.

Somerset Police Detective Shannon Smith said School Resource Officer Mike Correll talked to the student during the incident.

“The young man was removed from the school,” Smith said.

A female student contacted the Commonwealth Journal yesterday and said the Pulaski County High student threatened her life in person and on his MySpace page.

“I take it seriously. ... I believed him,” she said. “I immediately went to (Pulaski County High guidance counselor James Powell) and told him about it.”

“Anytime a student expresses a concern, it is completely investigated,” said Wilds. “Some things we investigate with the assistance of law enforcement, and some we do internally.

“We certainly treat all reports as serious, but most usually find the report is hearsay and unsubstantiated,” she continued.

She said issues with which the school system feels uncomfortable are addressed in several ways, ranging from counseling, getting law enforcement involved, placing criminal charges, or changing a student’s placement. The resolution depends on what is the best solution for everyone involved, she said. She also said the school system will press criminal charges to the fullest extent if the situation warrants it.

“We spend a tremendous amount of time addressing, following up, and investigating any concern a student or parent gives to us,” said Wilds.

Two Northern Middle School students — a 15-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl — were arrested and charged with terroristic threatening on Thursday after allegedly creating “hit lists.”

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