Attorney for man implicated in Brumley murder seeking funds for investigator

Corky L. Hendricks

The attorney for a local man identified as a witness to the murder of LeeAnna Brumley has filed a motion to suppress evidence seized during the execution of a search warrant.

Corky Lee Hendricks, 39, of Science Hill, was indicted last July as a Convicted Felon in Possession of a Handgun and first-degree Persistent Felony Offender. Then in September, the local grand jury charged Hendricks with Cultivation of Marijuana, 5 or More Plants (1st offense) and another first-degree PFO count.

In both cases, Hendricks is represented by Mount Vernon attorney James Cox, who was appointed as conflict counsel for his cases due to Hendricks' involvement with the Brumley murder case.

It is important to note that Hendricks' current charges are not connected to the murder and he has not been charged in that case.

Brumley — a 25-year-old mother whom family members said battled addiction and frequently stayed with friends — disappeared last May and was classified as a missing person well into last fall. Her case began to break publicly after local law enforcement announced that Hendricks was wanted for questioning in the case.

After he was arrested on the outstanding indictments last October, 33-year-old Danelle Nicole Powell was arrested on November 14 for Brumley's murder.

According to the motion filed by Cox on May 13, Powell apparently supplied the information authorities used to obtain the search warrant against Hendricks.

"The information given by a Ms. Powell is not show to be reliable," Cox writes. "The information that she gave does not state when she saw and did the acts that she states occurred. There is no corroboration of her information to demonstrate that her information is reliable."

Cox argues that any and all evidenced seized as a result of the search warrant should be suppressed because there wasn't enough probable cause to issue it in the first place. 

The attorney adds that information included in the affidavit to the search warrant doesn't establish that the property searched belonged to Hendricks, nor that items seized had a sufficient connection to him.

Pulaski Circuit Judge Jeffrey Burdette is expected to hear the motion, along with another to reduce Hendricks' bond on June 18.

At press time, Hendricks remains lodged in the Pulaski County Detention Center.

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