Nancy High School alumni and former teacher Helen Walters cannot fathom why anyone would steal an engraved bronze plaque from the front yard of the former school property.

The plaque was placed there in recognition of the students and teachers who walked the hallowed halls of the school building from 1935 through 1981. A group of “grateful students” dedicated the plaque at a 1987 homecoming, six years after the school closed.

“It was a landmark. It meant a great deal to all of us,” Walters said of the monument.

Approximately $516 was taken from homecoming registration fees to pay for the plaque two decades ago. The homecoming committee has not discussed if it will replace the marker, but the cost will be considerably more today.

According to a scrapbook Walters keeps on the former school, the unveiling of the engraved plaque was the “highlight” of the 1987 homecoming. A note of appreciation was extended to David and Judy Conner. It was David’s idea to erect the plaque and Judy performed many of the errands to make sure the project became a reality. David and Kenny Rollins put up the sign the day before the homecoming.

Pulaski County School District closed the rural county school, located in the Nancy community of western Pulaski, when it built and consolidated classes at new middle and high school buildings. The district retained a small plot, set aside as a permanent location for the plaque, when it sold the property to the Hays family.

Walters said someone at the Triangle Restaurant reported the plaque missing a few weeks ago. The restaurant is located across the street from the former school property.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is looking into the theft, but authorities do not have any leads. Police promised to keep in touch and notify Walters if any leads should develop in the case.

Walters has fond memories of the school. She met her husband while teaching at Nancy. Both taught there for several years, and all four of their children graduated from the school.

“We are really disappointed (the plaque) is missng,” said a sentimental Walters.

The next Nancy High School Homecoming is planned for Saturday, Oct. 6, at Pulaski County Park Shelters 1 and 2. All former students and staff, including family and friends, are invited.

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