Counting this weekend (November 21-22) and next, Wayne County staff members and students are getting a total of nine days off. Thursday night, Superintendent Wayne Roberts proposed getting all staff members away from the schools' campus for a few days prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wayne County students have continued virtual education for a number of weeks and the proposal for the entire Thanksgiving week off was endorsed by school board members.

Virtual school will be canceled the week of November 23 and the campus will also be closed. Staff members and students will continue with online instruction November 30 and all elementary, middle and high school students will remain on virtual until January 4.

"When classwork resumes on November 30th, I would like to keep all staff off campus until mid week to reduce in-person contact. Students will go back to virtual learning and employees can work from home November 30 through December 2," said Roberts.

He added, "This will provide a buffer around Thanksgiving to help alleviate any close contact situations that could lead to a greater spread of the virus."

During the meeting, Roberts also touched on Governor Andy Beshear’s executive order.

Thursday’s regular monthly meeting also found school board members approving five new buses to replace five that were part of a recent settlement agreement. The board will pay for 50 percent of the purchase and the remaining costs for the new buses will be covered by the settlement.

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