Pulaski County High School

On March 7, a Pulaski County High School student brought two loaded rifles onto the local campus. The two rifles were confiscated and the student was expelled.

A Pulaski County High School student was expelled after bringing two loaded rifles on the local school’s campus.

On March 7, a teacher at Pulaski County High School learned that a student had a firearm in a car.

Upon further investigation, Pulaski County High School Resource Officer/Pulaski County Sheriff Deputy Alex Wesley discovered two firearms in the student’s vehicle. Two loaded .22-caliber rifles, with one being an assault style rifle, were confiscated from the student’s automobile.

“At no time was there a firearm in the building and there was not threat made towards anyone,” assured Pulaski County Schools Superintendent Pat Richardson.

According to state and school policies, the carrying, bringing, using, or possessing any weapon or dangerous instrument in any school building, on school grounds, in any school vehicle or at any school-sponsored activity is prohibited. Violation of this policy by students shall require that the Principal immediately make a report to the Superintendent, who shall determine if charges for expulsion from the District schools should be filed under Policy 09.435.

In addition, when they have reasonable belief that a violation has taken place, principals shall immediately report to law enforcement officials when an act has occurred on school property or at a school-sponsored function that involves student possession of a firearm in violation of the law or assault involving the use of a weapon.

The student was suspended until the Pulaski County Board of Education could hold an expulsion hearing, at which time both the student and school could present evidence on their own behalf. That expulsion hearing took place on March 14, following the regularly scheduled school board meeting.

“The student was expelled for one calendar year, following both federal and state law,” Richardson stated. “The board of education has made an offer of an alternative educational setting for the student.”

According to state and school policy, the Board may expel any pupil from the regular school setting for misconduct as defined by law. Provision of educational services will be required unless the Board determines, on the record and supported by clear and convincing evidence, that the expelled student posed a threat to the safety of other students or school staff and could not be placed in a state-funded agency program.

Also, the carrying, possessing, or transfer of weapons or dangerous instruments; and any other behavior that may endanger the safety of others can be deemed as grounds for a student’s expulsion.

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