Restoration House

MONTICELLO, Ky. — A residential program for women who have undergone rehabilitation is set to be open in Monticello this fall.

Restoration House, a division of the New Beginning Foundation, is looking at a tentative opening date of October, based on financial donations and volunteers.

In forming the faith-based, non-profit foundation, the Restoration House board committed several months ago to help those in recovery transition back into the community by providing a safe place to live and overcome post rehab.

 Each resident of the RHofKy will be given second-chance employment opportunities as well as access to education and ongoing outsourced counseling. Chairman Elwood Bradley and the Board wants better lives for offenders who have completed their time in rehab. This type of positive influence within the community has been a vision of Bradley's for years.

Bradley is not only the Wayne County Jail Chaplin, he is Portal Instructor for the New Direction Re-entry Class, MRT Certified and serves as a GED Instructor at KCTCS. For more than 20 years, Bradley has been a die hard faithful to visit, mentor and minister to inmates at the Wayne County Jail. He has found many to be repeat offenders and in speaking to the inmates about being incarcerated time after time, their stories are similar.

Lots of offenders have attended a short, court ordered rehab and after their recovery, they have returned to a home environment that’s not been helpful in staying clean. More often than not, it’s been an abusive and discouraging situation for them. When coupled with not being able to find jobs, qualifying for housing and having few applicable life skills, the repeat offenders fail to rise above the cycle that they have often been born into and can't get away from.

The Restoration House board decided to first focus on women coming out of jail and rehab, but they do hope to have a men’s home in the future. They desire to give these women hope to rise above their circumstances. Statistics show that many addicts leave rehab drug free, but lack basic daily life skills. At Restoration House, the women will be taught through example how to create goals and care for themselves personally, through exercise and diet. They will also be given educational opportunities through SkillsU, and KCTCS, as well as have off site counseling. The end goal is to provide a true home environment

Anyone interested in contributing to this worthwhile cause or volunteering their services may call 307-6331, visit or their Facebook page for updates and information. As RHofKy. is now undergoing renovations to prepare for their residents, they are proud to announce a tentative date of mid November for the opening a restaurant on the bottom floor. Happy Hoppers owners, Alan and Maria Hopper, have partnered with Restoration House to bring their second location of Happy Hopper’s Café to downtown Monticello.

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