Kentucky Transportation Secretary Jim Gray announced today that a traffic signal will be installed at a Eubank intersection that has come under scrutiny over the past few weeks.

Gray stated: "Recently, the Governor asked me to reanalyze the Transportation Cabinet's plan on moving forward. After much consideration about the path forward to address the concerns at this particular crossing, I am acting on my authority as Secretary to authorize a signalized traffic intersection. Traffic signals will provide a familiar and faster way to implement traffic improvements. Advanced warning flashers will also be installed ahead of the signalized intersection to warn drivers of the upcoming stop. We expect to implement the changes in less than three months.

"The option originally proposed by our engineers called for an RCUT, and this solution still has a place in Kentucky to provide innovative, effective safety improvements. As is true for any improvement project, motorists have a role to play behind the wheel to ensure safe roadways, like obeying posted speed limits, driving sober and driving distraction-free."

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