No damage was caused by a gas leak Monday night at the downtown Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, according to the Somerset Fire Department.

Somerset Fire Chief Tyler Jasper said that the incident took place around 8:15 Monday evening, when a fryer at the restaurant started leaking gas.

“A couple of employees started feeling nauseated, so they called (911),” said Jasper, who added that the emergency line then contacted the fire department. “We basically got everybody out of the building, got the gas shut off, ventilated the building and got the fumes out.”

Once the employees inside were able to get fresh air outside, they “felt better,” noted Jasper. He said that City of Somerset gas personnel came to make sure everything was properly shut off and safe and added that maintenance workers were expected to come today and work on the leaking fryer.

There was no damage to the facility and no serious health issues to anyone as a result, observed Jasper. 

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