This artisan wood-carved duck is just the type of item that Sheltowee Artisan David Spillman will have on display during this Saturday’s Art Fair.

It’s a bit scaled back from previous years, but the annual Sheltowee Artisans Art Fair will be held this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It’s being held at the Lake Cumberland Farmers Market, located across the street from the Energy Center on East Mount Vernon Street – and it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from the city’s Moonlight Festival.

In years past, the Art Fair was a two-day affair, held at the Center for Rural Development and hosting around fifty vendors.

This year, the vendor list is hovering around 20 crafters and two on-site food vendors: Summit Meats and Henry Harris’s Popcorn.

Sheltowee Artisans Guild chairman David Spillman explained the paired-back approach was due to, as with many events this year, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of the guild members and exhibitors are seniors, many who may have the “underlying conditions” that make the coronavirus so dangerous to them.

Therefore, many didn’t feel comfortable being part of the usual large, indoor event, he said.

The Farmers Market, however, is open air. Plus, Spillman said that masks are required for both attendees and guests, making the event a bit safer and a bit sunnier than usual.

Spillman had a bright outlook on the event altogether. “We were sweating the weather,” he said, but as of right now Saturday is shaping up to be a pleasant, sunny day.

“We’re excited about it. We’re encouraging people to come out,” Spillman said.

A wide variety of crafters and vendors are scheduled to be on hand. From baskets to woodworking to artists and jewelry, there should be plenty of variety showcased.

Among some of the long-time crafters and new stars being showcased are: Caitlin Carson and her Kentucky Fried Copper jewelry; Jade Ellis with her Bazaar Universe line of clothing; McCreary County’s Mehg Marshall from Pottery by Mehg; Yarnwear by Carol and Sherry, brought to you by Carol Henderson and Sherry Brown; and Mark Eubank with his Appalachian Dulcimers.

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