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Frank Morrow poses with the buck that turned out to be a perfect score and one of the top Kentucky kills ever.

MONTICELLO, Ky. — For Frank Morrow, the feel good of harvesting a perfect typical deer may last a lifetime.

It's definitely the real deal and when we talked Wednesday, Frank was still on top of the world over his first ever kill with a bow and taking a big buck with a perfect score.

He shared details of the hunt saying "harvesting the massive creature had been an ongoing mission for the past three years." Frank said, "I continued to watch him on and off the farm, and at first, he was illusive." As Frank told of hunting and fishing his entire life, he further stated, "It had been a long time coming. but eventually the big buck started making more appearances and after awhile, I was able to predict when he was going to make himself known.

Frank said, "After seeing the monstrous rack on trail cameras and him roaming the woods, I had direct encounters four Thursday's in a row before downing the awesome creature."

The first Thursday, Frank was within 15 yards of the big buck. He said that day, "I had an issue with the string on my bow and had to sit there and watch him walk away. The second Thursday was no good. "I had him in sight at 30 yards and made a poor judgement with the arrow shooting over his back."

On the third Thursday, Frank said, "I took another look at the buck, but couldn't get close. Finally on the fourth Thursday afternoon, I was watching doe's when the one in the lead started walking away and I heard something in the creek, with my bow ready to shoot. The awesome buck was standing broadside at 20 yards and I was able to connect."

Frank spoke of his buddy, Kevin Simpson keeping him motivated during months of waiting for the positive outcome. Frank said, "Kevin was the first to see my prize possession and helped me drag him out of the woods." Frank's big buck ended up with a perfect score of 182 and six eighths from Hunter Schmittou, official scorer for Buckmasters. His World Class typical deer is not a state record, but one of the top kills in Kentucky.


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