Winter Storm Warning

This could be a familiar image over the next 24 hours as Pulaski County is expected to receive 12-16 inches of snow from a winter storm that is poised to move into the area at daybreak on Monday.

If you longed for a white Christmas and were disappointed, Monday’s President’s Day weather should more than make up for it.

According to a meteorologist at the Jackson, Ky., Weather Station, Pulaski County is the bulls-eye for a winter storm that is expected to hit at daybreak and last well into Monday night.

The entire region is under a Winter Storm Warning for Monday.

“This is a significant winter storm,” said Jennifer Voght Miller. “The entire region will get a significant amount of snow.”

The region forecast calls for 9-16 inches of the white stuff across eastern and central Kentucky. But Voght Miller said Pulaski County “is on the high end” of that total.

“I would think you’re looking at 12-16 inches in Pulaski County,” she said. “It will begin early and the snow will come down all day, sometimes very heavy at times.”

With temperatures forecast to hover around 20 degrees all week, the snow could stay with us for awhile— which, of course, could wreak havoc with school schedules. Tomorrow, all local schools are out for President’s Day.

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