A property owner has been charged in federal court after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers accused her of cutting trees on government property to give her rental house a better view of Lake Cumberland.

Stephanie R. Watson is charged with Destruction of Trees on Public Property in U.S. District Court in London.

The address of the property was redacted on court documents, but court records show that the property is located within Pulaski County.

PVA records indicate Watson owns property in Bronston.

A statement from the Corps of Engineers says that Watson is the owner of the property, which has been advertised on Airbnb, “touting its view of the water.”

Corps Rangers Cody Pyles and Judy Daulton investigated the area along Lake Cumberland after Pyles noticed cut trees during a boat patrol in June 2019.

Images from Google Earth showed that there were no trees cut in the area as of June 6, 2018. Watson is reported to have bought the property on June 8, 2018.

The Corps conducted an investigation, determining that the trees were indeed on public property and within a boundary marked by the Corps.

The rangers said that area was adjacent to Watson’s property.

“The owner did not have permission to cut or prune any vegetation lining the waterway,” according to the Corps.

The court document states that Watson denied any knowledge of how the trees were damaged.

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