As of Thursday night's regular monthly meeting of the Wayne County Fiscal Court, the county jail was reportedly home to 127 inmates — 46 county and 80 state prisoners, along with one inmate from Cumberland County.

COVID-19 continues to cause havoc with the Wayne County Detention Center's budget (a loss of approximately $2,000 per day), but there are no internal problems at the jail. County Judge Executive Mike Anderson was complimentary of Jailer Ronnie Ellis and his efforts, thus far, to help the county deal with the situation they're currently facing.

Anderson spoke of Ellis working to renegotiate contracts for food and health services for inmates to help save money. He also noted Ellis securing contracts with nearby counties to house their inmates for extra income.

September billing at the Wayne County Detention Center totaled $79,843 dollars.

In other action Thursday, Magistrates were in favor of Roy Hunter of Lexington conducting the county audit. Several firms submitted proposals in different price ranges applying for the job, but the Fiscal Court approved the low bidder.

To maximize the county's overall savings, Hunter's firm will also audit the financial statements of the Airport Board and Industrial Authority.

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