I’ll always remember last New Year’s Eve as one of the best times I’ve ever had in this little hometown of mine.

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Early in his tenure as Somerset’s mayor, Alan Keck made a statement at a city council meeting that has defined his service. “To get things done, you’ve got to get things done,” he said, a plain-spoken and simple declaration that, in order to be executed, requires a vision that must be pursue…

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I’ve watched, as many of you have, the story unfold concerning accusations that Pulaski County football players used “racially insensitive” remarks during last Friday’s win at Tates Creek.

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There has been a lot of uncertainty leading up to this Election Day. Distrust about who’s leading in the polls. Speculation about how long it might be after Tuesday before we have a clear presidential winner. Unease about method like mail-in ballots.

This morning, I noticed my old Gourmet magazines on the bookshelf and nearly burst into tears (granted, fall always makes me overly nostalgic). Then I thought of all the magazines that have influenced my life and actually did tear up. 

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It’s been a few days since Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced the grand jury findings in the tragic case of Louisville’s Breonna Taylor.

Over the past week, I’ve been staring at a flower pot on my deck. Not constantly, mind you, as that would be worrisome, but, if I’m honest, I’m out there looking pretty regularly. And each time I do, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

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Kentucky prep student-athletes across the Commonwealth held their collective breath on Friday as the Kentucky Department of Education Board met — with the possibility on the table that it would opt to cancel fall sports.

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I eat so much mayonnaise they were going to send me to the Mayo Clinic.” — Tom Robbins

Classes start Monday and we are so excited to welcome our students back. Here at SCC we have continued to prepare for a robust fall semester and that includes the return of our faculty and their preparation to teach you in a variety of classes.


A few Saturdays ago, my little brother Matthew sent me a photo of a sheet of golden waffles lying on a cooling rack. 

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