With (1) boredom and (2) amazement, I read a recent article by Don McNay in the Commonwealth Journal entit-led “Discovering how forever feels.” which ended with 26 lines of print describing his glowing accomplishments.

(1) Boredom; because I was bored to tears trying to read about the girlfriend he eventually married and all of her accomplishments, sore thumb and all. If this isn’t an example of people in love with themselves I don’t know what is. I believe they call it narcissism. (I looked it up in my GED recommended dictionary).

(2) Amazement that the Commonwealth Journal would think the article would be interesting to anyone? Perhaps that’s how we achieve greatness— build ourselves up in the eyes of others. Does the word Politician come to mind? Perhaps Mr. McNay is considering a run for office. Look at me!

But I guess that is better than an individual and a Federal organization attempting to destroy a way of life. I’m referring to Arleen Ocasio, Director of the Houston, TX National Cemetery, and the Progressive backed United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Here is some of Ocasio’s attempted accomplishments:

• Ban the word "God" at funerals for veterans;

• Require grieving families to submit prayers or religious messages for approval to the   government before a funeral at the cemetery;

• Hide the Bible and the cross that were once placed in the cemetery chapel;

• Send VA officials to monitor funerals to ensure the VFW, The American Legion or the National Memorial Ladies do not mention God or give a religious message to families who are burying their loved ones.

Ocasio could not accomplish this without the blessing of the Veterans Administration. But, like those who want to post the Ten Commandments in public places, there are those who will not go down without a fight. On 06/27/11, The Liberty Institute, on behalf of the VFW, The American Legion and The National Memorial Ladies, filed suit in the Texas Southern District Court, Case 4:11-cv-01992, which can be viewed on line in its entirety.

A seed has been sown; a plant is germinating similar to the Kudzu plant. When left unchecked, it will grow, envelope, consume and destroy any vegetation within its path. If left unchecked, the present Progressive administration in Washington will grow, envelope, consume and destroy this nation and the foundation upon which it was built.

I would encourage anyone interested to contact US Department of Veterans Affairs Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs Steve Muro at 202-461-6112 and express your support or displeasure with this situation. As a Viet Nam veteran and a member of the American Legion Post 38 Honor Guard, rest assured my phone call was not in support.



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