The greater good: Beshear's visit brought wonderful news

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Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear was in Somerset on Thursday awarding more than $1 million in Kentucky Transportation money to help traffic flow issues around Pulaski County High School and Southwestern High School.

There is much division between political parties these days -- perhaps now more than ever.

But occasionally the stars align and the greater good triumphs.

Doing something for the well-being of our kids, and the people who educate them, is definitely part of the greater good.

Local lawmakers Rick Girdler and Shane Baker are well aware that traffic around Pulaski County High School and Southwestern High School is a bear during school rush times.

And they have worked hard in an attempt to make that better.

Their hard work culminated last week with Gov. Andy Beshear and his senior advisor, Rocky Adkins, coming to Somerset to present Pulaski County Schools with over $1 million in infrastructure awards aimed at improving traffic safety around the high schools.

A total of $225,000 has been allocated for KYTC to design new left-turn lanes at both high schools as well connector road between PCHS and Northern Middle. The remaining $785,000 will be used for construction of the turn lanes next year.

Construction of a dedicated left turn from Ky. 1577 (Oak Hill Road) onto WTLO Road, a primary route for Southwestern High School traffic, will help reduce congestion and improve safety. Benefitting as well will be neighboring Oak Hill Elementary.

Meanwhile, a similar project - from Ky. 1575 (University Drive) onto Pulaski County High School - will improve the flow of through-traffic on the highway and reduce congestion during morning and afternoon start and dismissal times at the high school.

"What this can do for the traffic congestion around this area and getting everyone in and out of school safely is just a really big deal for us as a board," Cindy Price, who chairs the Pulaski Board of Education, said. "We are so happy to see it all beginning."

While Beshear was a Democrat in a Republican county, that was forgotten on Thursday -- the focus was on schools, students and educators.

"To every educator here, thank you…You all were already heroes. You were already doing one of the most important jobs there is and then we ask you to do 10 times more," he said, referencing remote learning, meal delivery, returning to in-person instruction and more. "Our educators showed us again how wonderful they are."

The Commonwealth Journal echoes that sentiment -- and we're happy that Kentucky Transportation money will help free up bottle necks and remedy safety hazards in and around our county high schools.

Unfortunately, since Beshear's appearance in Somerset, there's been a tug-of-war over who should get kudos for this money being tossed our way.

Who cares?

President Ronald Reagan said it best: "There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit."

Can we get an amen to that?

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