Dear Editor:

There are no words to express our appreciation and support for the upkeep funds for the Friendship Church Cemetery on the Providence Road. May is Memorial month to visit the places our loved ones are resting.

Do you ever pass these places and wonder who mows and cleans all the trash from the ones in the county?

I have heard comments like "Isn't that a shame to let country graveyards grow up like that."

Looks like someone would either mow them or get someone ... that someone is you.

Doug Waddle has mowed Low Gap for years.

He lives many miles away and has never had any gasoline money or pay for a trip or time.

We have seen him exhausted yet he took time to stop and visit our elderly father.

He doesn't want recognition or praise.

We need more good citizens like him who really care about these cemeteries.

If people would make it a group project just one time that would help and they may get a surprise blessing.

On behalf of Friendship church, we sincerely want to thank Gloria Dykes Speaks, Bertha Anne Meece and her daughter, Annie, for their efforts for this contribution toward the cemetery upkeep.

Gloria painted a picture of the Dykes community and they sold prints for these proceeds.

What a great idea!

It's a beautiful, detailed painting.

Gloria is a very talented artist and captured every memory of Allen Sears' country store and post office and surroundings.

She even included the U.S. Mail jeep, driven by Vernon "Red" Meece in the late 1940s.

May each and everyone who helped in anyway for this gift be blessed.


Somerset, Ky.

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