Dear Editor,

Today is Friday, 5-14-21. I wrote a letter to the editor several months ago that had a political theme. I was pleased to see that it was printed. Today's letter although inspired by current political unrest in the United States, has a religious theme and because it does I have thought it would not get printed.

Here's the deal! I am 65 years old. Not necessarily an old man but definitely not a spring chicken. I vaguely recall the 60s and I have read about them but I have never experienced what is going on in our Country~ State~ County, City~ Neighborhoods and Families now. If I like U of L better than UK (and I don't), then I am an idiot/bad and it is the same for politcal parties (I can discuss both parties favorably), Elvis sightings, mask no mask, CNN/FOX, bandanna colors (gang reference), races, religious denominations, etc.

I care about all of these groups, I really do. Maybe/probably because if things go well it benefits me. I have thought that possibly a political leader ( Kennedy/Reagan) could appear on the scene and help get things squared away. But I don't think this will(and I don't want this to) happen. So I look to history, in particular 1801, Paris Kentucky, which at that time was still the frontier. Rough folks lived in the area. Native Americans were still around and unhappy with what was going on in their country ( this was only a couple hundred years ago, a relatively short time historically speaking). Anyway, there was a Christian revival in the Paris Kentucky area that drew over 20,000 people (which was the same as approximately 25 % of the State's population) during about a 1 week period. At that time the population of Kentucky was about 80,000, the population of Kentucky now is about 4 and a half million, so if the same percentage of people came to a revival it would be over 1,000,000 people (so it was a big deal). Apparently, the results of this revival which is known as the Second Great Awakening (so very interesting! Look it up!), included the expansion of existing and the development of new denominations as well as rough cod heads becoming more agreeable and the latter result is what appeals to me currently.

In the past I have prayed for a National Christian Revival because my personal experience (peace and contentment beyond the norm) with Christianity has been very positive (understatement) and I would like for everyone to have this. But also, I believe with all of my heart that we would be a more agreeable people, more pleasant ... and I dig pleasant. I have frequently wondered how the United States could enjoy another Nationwide Christian Revival and have determined (and this is the crux of this letter) that if each individual who considers themselves a Christian would commit/surrender themselves to the Lord we would have a/our (not only as an individual but collectively as family, church, neighborhood, community, etc.) Great Awakening ... and the resulting comfortable/happy/pleasant society.

I hope all who read this has an enjoyable day, that you smile often and love a lot!


Somerset, Ky.

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