Dear Editor:

Last month, my wife and I, made our first every trip to Kentucky. Since retiring, we have become hobby genealogists. We came to Somerset in search of information on my wife's great grandfather, who we believe was born in Pulaski county, and died in World War I, in France.

Our search brought us to the Pulaski County Courthouse, hoping to research property records. Both my wife and I have mobility issues and have a handicap parking license plate. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a parking space in the Courthouse parking lot and drove around, until we were able to find a spot in front of your newspaper office, but to walk to the courthouse was challenging for both of us.~

Talking with a lady in the courthouse, who was very nice and apologized for our inconvenience, she stated that parking has always been a problem and she must get to work early, so she doesn't have to park too far away.

It is a shame that accessing the Courthouse is such a problem.

We found Pulaski County, with Lake Cumberland, a very attractive place, but, I can't believe there isn't a better option for parking at the Courthouse.

My hope is you will publish this letter in your newspaper to raise concern about the lack of parking at the Pulaski County Courthouse.


Hardeeville, S.C.

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