Dear Editor,

Evolution verses truth.

Charles Darwin, the originator of the theory of evolution, was a sick, disoriented man. He invented his theory of evolution while on a sea voyage – 1831-36 which he was sea sick. In 1859 he developed his theory on the origin of the species by means of natural selection – stating man and ape came from the same ancestor.

I tell people that me and all my kinfolks, which goes all the way back to Adam and Eve, have had a lot of tales told on us, but not anyone of us has had a tail grown on us.

There has never been a genuine public debate between an evolutionist and a true biblical creationist, because the evolutionist has no facts to present or debate. They’re all unfounded theories.

Many scientists are today creationists because the truth is there and they believe it.

Last year, 2010, the University of Kentucky fired a professor who they had hired and who was supposed to be promoted. University officials said they found papers he had written of his belief in creation. They didn’t promote him but fired him.

A writer recently said the Bible is not true, but he believes in God. No way they go together: You can’t believe in God and deny the Bible, because the Bible is God’s word. God tells us in Genesis, Chapter 1: What He made on the first day, the second day, third day, fourth day, fifth day, sixth day, he made man from the dust of the earth on the sixth day. Exodus 20:11, God made everything in six days that’s a true proven fact.

All archeological findings for centuries prove the Bible God’s word is true and evolution is a myth. This earth and everything made hasn’t been here millions of years, as many of the ideology professors say. Their theory won’t hold up. It’s not true.

The Bible tells us how long God’s earth and all that he made has been here. So, you either believe a sick, disoriented man or you believe the proven God and what God said.

Remember, what God said, Proverbs 8:36.6: All they that hate (despise) me love death.

I like the song that says, if we evolved, why aren’t we still evolving. I haven’t seen no evolving and our forefathers didn’t pass the word of evolving down because it’s a fable ... it never happened.

Charles Bullock

Somerset, KY 42501

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