To and for my fellow

American Brothers and Sisters,

It is morning America. People are arising to the call of the Sun peaking over the horizon. We have been shaken from our slumber by the storm of attacks directed toward our faith, form of government, beloved constitution, and beautiful flag, stained with the blood, freely given by our ancestors along with our brave men and women today who fight to ensure our children are free.  We patriots shaken out of the drowsiness of sleep and we are letting our friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans know we are waking up as the sleeping giant did after December the 7th, 1941. We are asking what in the world is going on here? What are our leaders, we have entrusted our precious nation too, doing?  

Look who is taking the lead. It’s our elder brothers and sisters who worked many years paying into a tax system that promised much and delivered little due to the mismanagement of those we have elected to serve and protect us. They are standing up and questioning loudly. They will not be coerced into backing off by threats from the elitist, far left social fascist, brown shirts of the union bosses or the President.

We are saying NO, to the passing of bills without reading or comprehending what they are saying. Many in Washington say they are not able to comprehend what the content of the bill is. These are not my words but words of several liberal Legislators themselves I.E. Rep. John Conyers and Sen. Arlen Spector. Even, the President’s own news spokes person, Robert Gibbs, has stated that Obama will sign it without reading it.

This President and liberal Democrat controlled congress has tried their level best to slip shuck America by passing Bill upon Bill (the Stimulus, Card Check, Cap and Trade, gun control, cash for clunkers, and the Obama Health Care to name a few) before the August break and a time in which we would have a chance to get our answers. Most of these bills (seemingly Obama’s agenda) will change the value system and morality of America and put such a financial burden upon us, our children, and our grandchildren that we may just not recover anytime sooner. Is this the CHANGE we wants?

Sure our health care needs to be worked on but, as poll after poll shows, most Americans are relatively happy with the health care coverage they have and are certainly happy with the quality of health care we Americans are being provided by our personal family doctors. It is truly interesting that none of the liberal Senators, Representatives, nor the President are willing to take a look at the probability that the real culprit being ambulance chasing lawyers and remedied much by TORT REFORM.

Yes, we are letting the elected politicians in Washington know that we are not ignorant to what is happening. We are saying; Nancy Pelosi, you are not our boss; Harry Reid is not our boss. Barack Obama is not our boss. No Democrat, no Republican, no politician is our boss. The President, Senators, Representatives, and yes Judges, were elected to represent the statues set forth in the constitution, and WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE YOUR BOSSES. You were elected to the high honor as servants by the people, of the people and for the people.

Freedom has never been free nor has there ever been a free lunch. We have a few defeats but more victories along with times of celebrations accompanied by brief periods of relaxation. Here is the warning. Watch out, around every corner there is someone with philosophy that disagrees with the American philosophy, who desires to strip us of our freedom as Americans. Americans have always been the most giving and most forgiving peoples on the face of the earth. We have done this because of our belief system. We are a Christian based nation. That is why injustice may last for a season but it shall not succeed. Look at Slavery and women’s rights. Those issues were not Christian values but, men’s way of thinking under the guise of religion.  

We American’s love what our forefather’s stood for, fought for and died for, and we will continue to use the form of government set forth in our constitution to tell that bunch of vipers in Washington that “We are mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.” We will not shut up nor will we sit down and sat idol while Washington robs us of our freedom.  

Tim H. Daulton

Nancy, KY

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