Dear Editor:

I beg to differ with Keith Floyd, president of Somernites, when he says “I sent a letter saying that it’s not just one person or group, but a whole community here that is car crazy.”

I don’t think this covers most of the taxpayers who live in the downtown area.

Many of the residents and taxpayers who live in downtown Somerset are treated like prisoners in their own homes when the whole inner-city is blocked off. Many can’t get out of their driveways and would be unable to get help if they needed it.

Who pays for the extra cleanup, the extra law enforcement, the fire protection?

How would a fire truck get to a downtown fire if we had a fire?

Who cleans up the trash that is left on our lawns?

I am happy for the people who prosper from these events but I feel that they should find a place outside of the residential area so that we taxpayers can lead a normal life.

Respectfully submitted,

Pauline Wiese

Somerset, KY.

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