Dear Editor:

Things around Somerset are really getting out of hand. The Hal Rogers by-pass being built is destroying who knows how much farm land. Evidently I-66 will be the next large highway project, with much more destructive potential.

It seems this congressman won’t be satisfied until every square inch of Pulaski County is covered by blacktop or concrete.

And, it doesn’t matter what the old-time residents of the county think, either. We don’t count anymore.

The proposed bio-lab in the eastern part of our county should be roundly rejected by our local citizens. What good will really come of this project? This thing is potentially dangerous and should be built out in the desert somewhere, or on an isolated island off our coast.

Why should we set ourselves up as targets for terrorism or contamination?

Another thing that should concern local citizens is the fact that the chamber of commerce has endorsed the bio-lab project.

Who are they to make decisions about our safety?

Are there any experts in Homeland Security lurking in this organization?

I think not.

I feel that we really don’t have any idea of the ramifications of this project.

What’s wrong with good old manufacturing jobs? Our county will naturally grow at a reasonable pace, without projects that have the potential to endanger our citizens.

Another note concerning the chamber of commerce: As regards Somerset and Pulaski County becoming like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Mark Bastin stated at a recent chamber meeting, “I want us to look like a sharp, positive, intelligent community.”

I’d like to know how extreme tourism and pork-barrel politics will help us look “smart.” It will only stress already crowded outdoor recreation areas, drive up land prices and taxes and further burden ordinary citizens. We should try very hard not to lose our identity and our dignity.

Another very important consideration, the local tourist bureaus, chambers of commerce, and other like organizations must remember is that Wolf Creek Dam is in trouble. It is leaking – BIG TIME. The Corps of Engineers had admitted that it will take eight years to complete this project, and they cannot guarantee a successful outcome, or even our safety.

Maybe this area should be careful about putting all its eggs in one basket.

In conclusion, I think all this “hyper-promotion” is just plumb crazy. And I’ll bet plenty of other old-time Pulaski County residents feel the same way.


Ben Mattingly

Duncan Street

Somerset, Ky. 42501

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