Dear Editor:

First off, let my say thank you to all the organizations,businesses, and individual volunteers who made the OSS boat race weekend a success. It provided for my family and a group of friends a wonderful and exciting weekend at almost no cost to us.  In this economy, that is a valuable asset to our community for which I am grateful.  If you didn't get to enjoy this years, it will be back next  year, but I understand it will be on the other end of the lake.

My reason for this letter is my concern for the small number of people that showed up for the events.  Mainly the free concert at the Center For Rural Development on Friday night.  There were 1000-plus chairs set out for this. My estimation would be that only 200-250 people showed up for the concert.

Devon Allman (Greg Allman's son) & Honeytribe is a world recognized band.  Wow, did they put on a concert!!!  Anyone with a love for southern rock and the blues would have loved this. Devon's style & voice reflects his father almost to a tee. I spoke to Devon and in his own words he says " I'm trying to keep this music alive" .

I understand that this was a busy weekend for Somerset-Pulaski Co. with High School graduations and other scheduled events. The weather was threatening rain for the races.  But I feel many of you missed out on a great opportunity to attend a concert that you normally would have to drive to Lexington or Louisville to see, plus it was free.  As for the races, it would be alot farther than Louisville to see these guys race their million dollar plus machines. My real concern is this, if the community doesn't support  efforts like this, we won't be seeing them in the future. That may or may not be of concern to you but if it is, please consider attending our local entertainment venues and supporting the efforts of the organizations putting them on.

Ron Coffey

Somerset, Ky

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