Dear Editor:

The petitions concerning a second hospital were meant to gage the public’s opinion regarding the desire for competition in healthcare.

From the onset, we were advised that this had to be a community effort and that community support had to be shown before a CON would be considered. The town meeting was requested by the Governor’s Office as one of the means to gage this support.

I have not previously heard of the proposed terms for a second hospital, as recently reported by the Commonwealth Journal. I feel all would agree, including our elected officials, that these terms would NOT be acceptable. There were at least two large competing non-profit hospital corporations interested in the project and we were advised to get the CON first and conduct major negotiations afterwards. It has been my observations with CONs that they are valuable commodities. Once obtained by a Governmental body a CON would more likely be sold to a non-profit corporation, than having to pay one to take it off your hands.

All of this, however, is a moot point since new regulations recently enacted by the Fletcher administration have the effect of preventing a new hospital from being built in Pulaski County. There is an application for a new hospital in Jessamine County, but the circumstances are very different. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this application.

Kevin Kavanagh, MD

Somerset, Ky.

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