Dear Editor:

On a cold snowy Saturday morning in February, a group of people left the comfort of their warm homes much too early. They had been out late the night before preparing for this day. They were not going to their regular jobs, nor were they getting paid, at least not in a monetary way; the rewards for this day were much too great to put a price on. When the day finally came to a close most of them would say they were extremely tired, extremely happy, extremely satisfied, and extremely glad it was over. Still they were already looking toward an even more extreme day next year. Who are these people? They are the Xtreme Archers of Pulaski County.

The Xtreme Archers sponsored the First Annual Lake Cumberland Shoot Out. The tournament was held February 11 at The Center for Rural Development here in Somerset Kentucky.

About a year ago a group of parents and coaches of archery got together and formed this organization. One of their first goals was to organize a tournament for all the schools in Pulaski County as well as inviting other schools in the state. Their plan was to achieve a national tournament setting on a smaller scale, and on February 11 their goal was accomplished.

I would like to commend The Xtreme Archers for all their hard work and dedication to the sport of archery. They worked many, many long hours making this tournament a success. Upon walking into The Center Saturday morning, my husband and I were simply in awe! Words cannot describe the professional setting this group had accomplished. I believe it was exactly as they had envisioned.

Last year was my family’s first trip to the state/national archery competition in Louisville Kentucky, and Saturday morning was nothing short of a smaller version of that event. The event drew many spectators, I am sure most of which were parents and grandparents, but at 8:30 a.m. the arena was full. The only disappointment of the day was the weather, because it hindered many schools from traveling to attend and participate in the event.

After talking to members of the Xtreme Archers, I learned many people and business made Saturday’s event possible. I personally cannot begin to mention names as I would surely miss someone. Just know they are all appreciated beyond words.

I am truly grateful for all the hard work the Xtreme Archers put forth to make the First Annual Lake Cumberland Shoot Out a success. Archery is a wonderful sport that is making a great difference in many children’s lives. After helping with Saturday’s event and seeing the smiles and self assurance these children are gaining from being an archer there is no doubt as to why the Xtreme Archers did this; it is For the Love of the Children.

Thank you again to all the members of the Xtreme Archers and to everyone who donated money, time, merchandise or equipment. You are helping to make a difference!


Sherri Poynter

Somerset, Kentucky 42501

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