Dear Editor:

When CS International selected me to head up a team to relocate our operations to a lower cost center, I began a nationwide search to accomplish that goal.

After looking at several different states that fulfilled our specific requirements, we selected Kentucky as our preferred location. This was based on Kentucky’s geographic location, low energy costs, favorable cost of living, reasonable worker compensation laws, and a good atmosphere for business.

I then proceeded to look at facilities throughout Kentucky. I visited facilities in Muhlenberg, Shelby, Bullit, Jefferson, Oldham, Franklin, Montgomery, Taylor, Laurel and Pulaski County. The most professional recruitment and follow-up occurred here in Pulaski County. The Somerset/Pulaski County Development Foundation fielded numerous questions and concerns and continually championed Pulaski County. All the members of the Development Foundation made our decision to settle in Pulaski County an easy one.

As a result of their efforts, 250-plus jobs were brought to Pulaski County. Unfortunately, these jobs were lost after only 14 months. This business failure was not the result of the Development Foundation’s lack of due diligence. The foundation required detailed financial data to ensure CS International was a viable company. The foundation also monitored in detail the $1.5 million that went into the renovation of the old Tecumseh building, including a new 37,000-square-foot addition.

I relocated to Somerset with 35 other employees from Los Angeles. We came with high hopes and expectations. The global market is extremely challenging and when CS International lost a sizable portion of business to oversea competitors, CS International was forced to close their doors. In doing so, CS International failed its customers, employees, vendors and the people of Pulaski County.

This real life example shows how hard it is to successfully recruit jobs here in Kentucky when so many jobs continue to go overseas. Even when you succeed, the results cannot always be sustained. The fact that the Somerset-Pulaski County Development Foundation has been successful in recruiting several companies to Somerset is a tremendous testimony to the effectiveness of the Somerset/Pulaski County Development Foundation.

Richard Vetter

Formerly Vice President

Somerset Division of

CS International

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