To The Editor:

I read with interest this morning two separate pieces in today's edition of the Commonwealth Journal.

The first, an editorial from Ms. Froma Harrop, detailed the argument that we all have a responsibility to protect each other, and our community from harm, and that obtaining a Covid 19 vaccine is a responsible way to pursue this end goal.

The second article was a piece of factual reporting from Ms. Carla Slavey, detailing the marked increase in new Covid cases in Pulaski County, and sadly reporting two new deaths in the past week.

Certainly, none of us wishes to endure another acceleration of this viral illness in our community, state, or nation. I certainly do not wish to watch the young physicians I mentor in our Residency program endure another winter of death as they did last year.

At this point, the vaccination rate for those eligible for the vaccine in this community stands at around 34%. I would ask once again that you set aside all political aspects of this issue, and pursue the rational, scientific, medical aspects instead. Anything we do in medicine has the potential for side effects. Certainly, the benefit outweighs the risk with this vaccine.

We can do better. We must. Get vaccinated today


Joseph G. Weigel, MD, MACP

Internal Medicine, Program Director

Medical Student Education, Director

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