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Some folks love a nice snowfall.

But no one likes an ice storm.

While the ice-covered tree branches glistening in the sunlight can be beautiful, tree branches weighted down by the ice and fallen across your power lines are problematic, to say the least.

The great ice storm of 2021 caused roadways to become hazardous, walkways to become an invitation to potentially-harmful falls and power outages all over Pulaski County.

As I write this, some of our neighbors still have no power — some 24 hours or more after losing it.

But throughout the chaos, there has been one constant — the incredible efforts by the men and women who have responded to the weather emergency:

• Police and EMS, whose jobs never stop — and sometimes get even more dangerous — when the weather turns foul.

• Our doctors and health-care workers who have to brave the elements to treat their patients. No matter what the weather is doing, people are always going to be sick and they’re always going to need care.

• The county and city road departments who have worked tirelessly around the clock to treat our highways and make travel possible.

• The men and women who work for South Kentucky RECC and Kentucky Utilities who have worked to restore our power. As of Wednesday at noon, South Kentucky RECC was reporting 272 outages systemwide affecting 9,675 customers. Nearly half of those customers — 4,470 — were located in Pulaski County. In surrounding counties, outages were affecting the following number of customers: 140 in Casey; 336 in Lincoln; 2,022 in McCreary; 90 in Rockcastle; 147 in Russell; and 1,399 in Wayne.

And there could be more outages on Thursday and Friday if, indeed, we receive heavy snow that has been forecast.

It’s certainly inconvenient when we lose electricity and have to deal with treacherous driving conditions.

But know that there are dedicated, hard-working people who are braving the elements to restore our roads and our electricity.

If you see one of these people, give them a pat on the back. After the past few days, they certainly deserve it.

JEFF NEAL is the Editor of the Commonwealth Journal. Reach him at

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