"I will PLAY ball this year!"

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Somerset High School sophomore Jasmine Peavey posed for her annual Lady Jumper softball individual picture. However, Peavey had the picture made without her teammates after high school softball season was put on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak pandemic.

Every year since Jasmine Peavey made the Somerset High School varsity softball team as a seventh grader, her mom would take a picture of her daughter in her Lady Jumpers uniform, during team Picture Day, for her scrapbook.

But after the announcement of the high school softball season being postponed, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the team's Picture Day never came.

"I had taken Jasmine's picture in her team uniform every year," her mother Misty Lane Dick stated. "Every year I take tons of pictures, cut out every newspaper article, and print off GameChanger stats. It's killing me that this year her scrapbook is probably going to be blank. So we needed something to represent this year to put in that book."

Complete with a surgical mask over her face, Jasmine Peavey had her sophomore softball picture made. But for the talented 16-year-old softball player, wearing her softball uniform without the rest of teammates by her side was a sad day.

"That is the only time I wore my Somerset softball uniform," Peavey stated. "I feel like that uniform represents our team, and it doesn't feel right to wear it when we aren't together as a team. Hopefully, one day we can all put those uniforms back on and come together as a team."

For Jasmine Peavey playing ball is a 'way of life, and over the course of the year, she wore a lot of different ball uniforms. Peavey started off 2019 in the spring wearing the 'purple and gold' uniform for the Somerset High School softball team. Peavey played softball travel ball for the Kentucky AfterShocks in the summer, and Kentucky Elite in the fall. Peavey also played organized baseball with the boys this past fall in the Science Hill Park 13-15 year-old baseball league.

With lots of days ahead of her in the summer and fall to hopefully play some softball, Peavey is quickly losing hope she will ever get to put on her Lady Jumpers softball uniform this spring.

"I have lost almost all hope in school ball this season, but I will be ready for travel ball as soon as we can play," Peavey said. "I WILL play ball this year!"

Like millions of other athletes around the country, who have been sidelined by this virus pandemic, Peavey is doing everything she can to stay in softball shape and preparing for the day she can finally walk onto a dirt diamond.

"I have been practicing in the backyard, running, throwing and catching balls," Peavey said. "We also have a weight bench at home, so I've been lifting weights and trying to stay active. I have been over to the ball field at Science Hill and have practiced there also."

But playing and practicing the game of softball in isolation is becoming more and more difficult for Peavey.

"I miss that softball field," Peavey said. "I miss our home games. I miss riding the bus with my teammates and going to away games. I miss playing against my travel ball teammates, who are scattered across the state. I miss the wins and the losses, that make us better."

Up until now, Jasmine Peavey had almost taken the game of softball for granted, and she always knew every spring she would be out on a softball field playing the game. But now that Jasmine Peavey has been deprived from playing the game she loves so much, the young teenage girl is now more appreciative of the game of softball.

"This experience has definitely made me appreciate sports even more," Peavey said. "I've never wanted to be on a field as bad as I do right now. Softball is my life."

STEVE CORNELIUS is the CJ Sports Editor and can be reached at sports@somerset-kentucky.com. Follow him on Twitter at @CJSportseditor.

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