Invasion of the Bodyslammers wrestling hits Monticello

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MONTICELLO – Invasion of the Bodyslammers hit the Aspire Center last month for a full slate of big time wrestling

In the Battle Royale , with referees Donald Smith and Will Burton, Plowboy Rogers/Shelby Gummybear McLovins/Cosmic Neptune/Reynoso took on Adrian Alexander/Jeremiah L. Brake/Christopher Matthews/Cody Matthews.

A contract for a shot at a championship of choice by the winner. This match showed the return of a lot of fan-favorites as well as the not so liked. Shelby "Gummybear" McLovins was the favorite in this melee of madness, however, it was newcomer to TCW, Adrian Alexander that went away with the victory and the contract for a future title shot with TCW.

In the second match of the card, Marty Clay battled Christopher Alexander Matthews – with Will Burton as referee. In typically Christopher Alexander Matthews fashion it did not take too long for the crowd to get behind up and coming star Marty Clay. Matthews, as usually put a solid showing in for this match, but could not out wrestle the younger Marty Clay. Clay dodged a running splash in the corner by jumping up on the turnbuckle, dropping behind Matthews in a sunset flip for the pin in the middle of the ring.

In the third battle of the wrestling card, JR Roc and Cody Matthews fought Tyler Logan and Reynoso in a USWF Tag-team Championship Match – with Donald Smith officiating. As Cody Matthews and JR Roc came to the ring it was apparent they came to retain their titles. The total disregard for Logan and Reynoso at the hands of the champions was unsettling. The entire match consisted of intimidation and dirty antics. Several hopeful moments came as Reynoso mounted a comeback with several technical moves, such as the belly to belly suplex. However, it was not enough due to JR. Roc stepping in with his massive Scottish belt and hitting Tyler Logan while the referee was attending to other matters. This allowed for the pin by Cody Matthews. The action was not over though. JR Roc continued to pummel the challengers after the match until they were satisfied and left ringside

In the UCW Southern States Championship Match, champion Brandon Wolfe took on Dewayne Davis – with Will Burton officiating. An explosive match between two of the best for the UCW Southern States Title. Neither combatant could gain the upperhand in this match. Several quick exchanges between the two resulting in continual tradeoffs. Then out of nowhere, Adrian Alexander rushes the ring to attack the champion Brandon Wolfe. The ref calls for the bell and disqualifies Dewayne Davis, but it becomes clear that Adrian Alexander is cashing in his contract from the Battle Royale earlier in the evening. After some discussion, officials Brandon T. Wilson (TCW) and Terry England (UCW) sanction the match to allow Alexander to cash in his contract for the UCW Southern States Championship. The match continues now with three participants. Davis and Alexander shake hands and double teams Wolfe, but Wolfe rallies and gains the momentum for a while, but it becomes too much. Alexander goes for the pin but its broken up by Davis and the alliance begins to unravel. Davis and Alexander could never get on the same page thus resulting in the champion retaining the title.

In the TCW All-American Championship Match, champion Tim Starr battled Jeremiah L. Brake – will Donald Smith as referee. The challenger, Jeremiah L. Brake in his usually fashion made fans wait for his entrance and then proceeds to insult the fans of Monticello due to their loss to the neighboring county the night before in football. The All-American Champion then enters and Jeremiah L. Brake loses some of his bravado. This is not the first encounter from these two and more than likely will not be the last. One thing that was odd was that Christopher Alexander Matthews was not at ringside with Jeremiah L. Brake, of course he could have still been licking his wounds from his match with Marty Clay. This match was a tug of war and both the challenger and the champion put on their best until Brake began to show signs of fatigue and irritation. He would drop out of the ring several times before Tim Starr finally reeled him in as Brake attempted to go back to the dressing rooms. It was just a matter of time before Starr would end the match with a sleeper hold and thus retaining the All-American Championship.

In the TCW World Heavyweight Championship Match, champion Cameron J. Walker took on Vic The Bruiser – Will Burton as the referee. Cameron J. Walker retained the title due to interference of Stan Sierra. It seemed that Stan was coming to the aid of Cameron J. Walker, but things quickly went south for the Champion when Sierra hit Walker in the mid-section with his bat and in effect getting Vic The Brusier disqualified. Walker rolls out of the ring and Sierra then turns his fury onto Vic. The locker room emptied and after an intense scuffle each faction restrained Sierra and Vic to a corner. However, the fight was far from over and after several attempts the two were subdued, thus ending an epic night and a triumphant return to one of the greatest venues in wrestling, Monitcello, Ky. It was a night for the history books.

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