Jeff Murphy named Somerset softball coach


Jeff Murphy was named the new softball coach at Somerset High School. Murphy will take over the position after his father-in-law David Dorsey retired after 12 years at the helm. Murphy married Dorsey's daughter Brittany in 2014, and has been around the program since 2013.

Whether it was David Dorsey coaching the program, his parents Jim and Katie supporting the program full-time, or his two daughters Brittany and Samantha serving as standout players - the Somerset High School softball program has been greatly impacted members of the Dorsey family over the past two decades.

So it was only fitting that another member of the Dorsey family was named the new Lady Jumpers softball coach after David Dorsey retired after 12 years at the helm.

Jeff Murphy, who married into the Dorsey family in 2014, was named the new Lady Jumpers softball coach this past week. Murphy had been coaching alongside his wife Brittany and his father-in-law David from 2013 until 2017, so he is well aware of the Lady Jumpers' softball program.

"I have been really lucky to just jump right into this program," Murphy stated. "David (Dorsey) offered for me to help the Lady Jumpers in 2013, and I was part of the program until 2017, until I took over the baseball program at Meece Middle School. I know he is family, but I really appreciate David giving me the opportunity to get me into coaching and giving me a chance to influence young people's lives. David has been a huge influence on me."

Murphy was an All-District outfielder at Mt. Juliet High School and went on to play collegiate baseball at Lindsey Wilson College, where he met Brittany. Every since Jeff and Brittany met at Lindsey Wilson College in 2009, Murphy became part of the Dorsey family and of the Lady Jumpers softball program.

"Being part of this family is awesome, but being able to coach alongside your wife and father-in-law for the past five years has been great," Murphy stated. "To be honest, we talk a lot about sports. Yeah we talk about life too, but sports is a big part of it. We talk a lot about softball and baseball, but we also talk about basketball and football."

"I am excited to get back working with these girls, and I know there is a good core group," Murphy stated. "I plan on starting a leadership counsel where will have a leader from each grade. We also want to look at our middle school program and make sure it is ran the right way. Being a middle school coach for two years, I have really learned it helps when you have a good program at the middle school level."

Murphy's presence around the Lady Jumpers softball program since 2013 made him a natural choice to take over and try to follow in his father-in-law's footsteps.

"Probably 60 percent of the girls on the team knew me when I coached them a few years ago and they know how I am," Murphy explained. "We are here to have fun, but we are here to win. It is going to be fun for them and a challenge for them as well. Our practices are going to be very organized with a lot of individual instruction for awhile."

While Murphy admits he has learned most of his coaching skills from David Dorsey, he will also infuse the program with his own unique coaching style.

"My style of coaching is to create relationships with the kids and getting to know them as a person first, and then a player," Murphy explained. "Of course we are here to win, but I want all the girls to know I am here for them. i want them to know I care about them and that I got their back."

"One of the first things I going to go over with them is our core value sheet called the JUMPERS - have the Juice, be Uncommon, be a Magnet, have Purpose, Excellence, Relentless and Selfless," Murphy stated. "These are the things we want to base our culture on, and that is what we are going to be based off of as a team."

Jeff Murphy, his wife Brittany and their two-year-old son Rhett, look to carry on the Lady Jumper softball family tradition.

STEVE CORNELIUS is the CJ Sports Editor and can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @CJSportseditor.

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