Kaleb Adams is ready to play any position on the gridiron

Kaleb Adams

When Kentucky's quarterback went down with an injury last fall, the Wildcats turned to a super talented Lynn Bowden Jr. to take over the signal-caller position. The Pulaski County High School football team, found themselves in a similar position when QB Drew Polston went down with an injury. And for the Maroons it was a super-talented Kaleb Adams.

"You are always going to do what is best for the team and always do what the coach needs for you to do, and do it to the best of your ability," Adams stated. "I have experience in multiple positions, so I can fill in where ever I need to."

While Bowden went off to play in the NFL, fortunately for the Maroons, the multi-talented Kaleb Adams will be back to play in his senior season.

"Kaleb Adams is a terrific football player and he can do a lot for us," sated Pulaski County football coach John Hines. "He's a very good defensive back, punt return guy, kick-off return guy, also plays some wide receiver for us, and he can contribute in a lot of ways for us. He kind of threw him in there at the quarterback position last year when Drew was injured. He did a good job at the position for a guy who hadn't played any quarterback since early in his freshman year, and didn't even play football his sophomore year."

"It was a very tough job and was put into and handled it like a pro," Hines vaunted. "He gave us a chance to be successful, and that is all you can ask for."

Adams played in six games at the quarterback position as a freshman, and then decided to leave the gridiron behind to run cross country his sophomore year.

"I played quarterback all through middle school and my freshman year of JV," Adams stated. "I also played other positions on the field. Being an athlete, I have been able to play several positions on the field. I always thought I was better cornerback than a quarterback."

"So when I didn't play my sophomore year and ran cross country, and I came back, Coach Hines needed me more on defense," Adams stated. "On the offensive end, I ran the ball and they used me as more of a skilled player."

But his return to the Maroons' football team last year was great news for Coach Hines. Last season, Adams flourished at the cornerback position, as well as a punt and kick-off returner. But late in the season, Adams was asked to step up to the quarterback position.

In 2019, Adams scored a touchdown by passing the ball, running the ball and catching the ball. At the QB position, Adams completed 24 passes for 2143 yards. He rushed for 152 yards and had 173 yards in receptions. On defense, he had 41 tackles and had an interception.

"Kaleb has a great attitude, he's a team player, and he wants to do whatever the team needs him to do," Hines stated. "He is going to play a lot on defense and he is our best cornerback. He is our best man-to-man cover guy and he is our shutdown guy. He is a great punt and kick-off returner, so you will see him with the ball in his hands in those types of situations."

"He is a really good receiver and we didn't utilize that much, and probably is much better than his stats show," Hines explained. "He can play any receiver position to the slot to the wide out."

Adams admittedly likes to play defense and feels that cornerback is his best position. However, he is always ready to step up and play any position of the field, if needed.

"I always did like playing defense better, especially at the corner position,"Adams stated. "On offense, I liked running the ball and catching the ball, but the quarterback back position has a lot of pressure. That is why it is so good to have someone like Drew (Polston) who can run the offense and be the leader that the offense needs. I just want to be there as a weapon for him."

"I had always mentioned to Coach Hines, 'What are we going to do if something were to happen to Drew?'," Adams asked. "I always thought Bryson Dugger would be the back-up quarterback last year. But Coach Hines warned me not to count myself out at that position. When Drew did come up hurt, Bryson was just a freshman, and I sort of had the same situation happen to me when Wiley Cain went down."

"This year, Coach Hines has me doing nothing but strictly playing corner," Adams said. "I always joke with Coach Hines about letting learn routes and offensive plays, but he always says I just need to worry about stopping people on defense. But I know later in the year, things might change and they may need me at wide receiver or running back."

Besides being one of the Maroons' top defensive back, he will also be looked upon for his senior leadership.

"This year has been frustrating not getting to practice and play like we normally do, but then again we are happy and lucky to get the days in that we have got in so far," Adams stated. "Hopefully, we are going to get a season in and get to play, and we are really excited about that."

"It has been tough not seeing my teammates everyday (with school being affected by COVID)," Adams sated. "I don't know every guy's name on the team yet, because we have not all been around each other that much to get to that point yet. In due time, it will come."

STEVE CORNELIUS is the CJ Sports Editor and can be reached at sports@somerset-kentucky.com. Follow him on Twitter at @CJSportseditor.

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