KHSAA made the right decisions in starting  sports up

I will admit I have never sat in on, or witnessed, a Kentucky High School Athletic Association Board of Control meeting before. I will also admit I am one of the first to criticize the KHSAA when I feel our local teams and/or local athletes are being treated unjust.

But after the KHSAA Board's discussion on the upcoming timeline of opening high school sports back up in Kentucky, I was beyond impressed with their thoroughness and fairness for all the student athletes.

I also saw how diverse the different areas of the state are in terms of how the coronavirus has affected each area, and how each KHSAA Board member spoke out in defense of the represented constituents.

In Pulaski County, we have had 56 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, while Jefferson County has already had 2,267 cases with 145 deaths. In Kenton County they have 547 cases and 33 deaths, while Bell County has had only one case of coronavirus and no deaths. So, the levels of returning to playing sports again across the state really depends on where you live.

And just like KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett stated in the meeting on Thursday, the KHSAA's situation is a microcosm of what is going on throughout the nation. Also, the KHSAA is bond to the state regulations of when they can start back sports and what they can and cannot do once sports resume.

"Let's get these kids back to their coaches, sooner rather than later," Tackett stated towards the beginning of the meeting, which set the tone for the Board's decision to start letting the coaches meet with their players as early as June 1.

The biggest debate in the meeting came over whether to resume the summer dead period of June 25 thru July 9, or do away with the dead period in 2020 and let the kids get back to playing sports. While family vacations and off-campus sports camps are usually set aside for this two-week dead period, Tackett echoed that 2020 is going to be different than any other year.

In the end, the KHSAA had to make some hard decisions, and those decisions are not always popular to everyone in the entire state. But overall, the progress made in Thursday's KHSAA Board of Control meeting was a good step in the right direction to getting the kids back on the sports playing fields as soon as possible.

STEVE CORNELIUS is the CJ Sports Editor and can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @CJSportseditor.

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