After Kentucky’s 75-67 loss at Rupp Arena, (by the way, the fourth loss at Rupp this season), to the Tennessee Volunteers last Tuesday night, I decided that enough is enough.

Love him or hate him, it is simply time for Tubby Smith to go. So long, good-bye. Tubby’s got to go.

The Kentucky basketball team needs a new sense of direction, and some new blood behind the wheel.

In fact, I firmly believe the UK basketball team has become a nationwide joke this year. And, whether you agree that it’s all Tubby’s fault or not, the bottom line is, ultimately, the leader has to be held accountable.

The leader of this current mess, if you can call him that, is Tubby Smith.

He is the guy that obviously can’t recruit. Don’t believe me. Well, we’re you watching the Tennessee game on Tuesday night?

That Chris Lofton kid, by the way, from Mason County, a Kentucky boy, sure looked good pouring in 31 points on the mighty Wildcats, didn’t he?

That’s the same Chris Lofton that Tubby Smith didn’t recruit. But, under Tubby’s direction, we certainly were fortunate enough to win the Shagari Alleyne sweepstakes, weren’t we? So, don’t lecture me about how Tubby’s a good man, and a good coach.

Being a good man doesn’t win basketball games, the last time I checked. Ever heard of a guy named Bobby Knight?

Bill Curry was a good man, but UK football during his tenure, like this season’s UK basketball team, was a complete joke.

So, having said all of that, with apologies to David Letterman, I’ve came up with a Top 10 List of my very own.

This List is as follows: The Top 10 Reasons why Tubby Smith should resign as Kentucky’s basketball coach.

10. Ashley Judd’s acting career would certainly reap the benefits if Tubby were to leave. Maybe then, she could be the number one fan of a program that might actually compete for an SEC title. Ashley’s not had a hit film in some time now. Like the coaching, that’s Tubby’s fault too.

9. If Tubby were to leave, all UK fans could re-focus their attention to the fact that Kentucky’s football coach, Rich Brooks, is absolutely clueless.

8. Stepping down as UK’s coach, would enable Tubby to buy a flashy orange jacket like the one UT head coach Bruce Pearl wore on Tuesday night. Maybe Tubby could pick up some coaching tips, along with some fashion tips, from the Brucester.

7. With Tubby stepping down as head coach, the Internet’s super highway would surely not be as crowded, once the website was disbanded. Just think how much quicker your Internet service could be, with all the tens of thousands folks no longer on the web begging for Tubby’s departure.

6. Tubby’s leaving UK would greatly benefit the Lexington economy. With him gone, car and truck sales at Paul Miller Ford would certainly increase. I mean, would really want a loser as your company’s spokesman?

5. Tubby could finally take that long-awaited vacation to Disney World. The Disney theme parks could run a promotion for it’s patrons simply entitled, “Free passes to anyone that can find the real ‘Orlando’.”

4. Tubby could get an opportunity to move to Washington D.C., and go to work at the Pentagon for Donald Rumsfeld. While there, Tubby could maybe, possibly, learn something about “Defense.” One could only hope.

3. Tubby, if not coaching the Wildcats, could go into business for himself. He could be the chairman of the board, and let his son Saul Smith run his new company. After all, Saul running the point for the Wildcats for four years certainly worked out well for the Cats, now didn’t it?

2. Tubby could maybe get a job as a mercenary, for an up and coming third-world country that was hell-bent on starting a war somewhere. After all, Tubby’s done a great job of killing the Kentucky basketball program, now hasn’t he?

1. And, the number one reason Tubby Smith should leave UK, is he could finally go after that lucrative job in the NBA. Tubby’s been rumored to be on the Charlotte Bobcats short list, and I think that would be a perfect marriage. After all, there would really be very little for Tubby to do in Charlotte. The Bobcats are already awful, and can’t beat anyone. Just think how much lower Tubby could take that franchise. Heck, the Bobcats would be guaranteed to get lottery picks every year, for years and years to come.

There you have it. Unfortunately, thanks to Tubby and his coaching, this is the only Top 10 List the Kentucky basketball team will make this season.

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