Race to Feed Kids 5K has a new twist

The Race to Feed Kids 5K always has an interesting twist to it, but the 2021 edition will be one of the coolest experiences to date, as participants will get an opportunity to complete a 5K race on an airport runway.

On Sunday, October 24th, local athletes will get the cool chance to do a 3.1-mile race on the runway at the Lake Cumberland Regional Airport. Since it is near Halloween, the name of the airport will be known as a Scareport.

Since 2014, the local Project 58:10 board has provided individuals in the Somerset-Pulaski County area with 5K events with something a little unique, including a glow run and a color run. This year’s unique twist is hosting the annual 5K run and walk on an airport runway, according to Julie Peterson, who is on the Project 58:10 board.

“We had the idea to host our annual race at the Lake Cumberland Regional Airport,” Peterson said. “After taking the necessary steps to get approval from the airport and the FAA, we are extremely excited to host the first-ever race on the runway. We can't wait for this unique opportunity to see our community on our local airport's runway.”

All proceeds from this event will go towards Project 58:10, which is a local ministry that helps feed school-aged children in the Somerset-Pulaski County area. The Project 58:10 ministry has helped thousands of children in our community for the last several years.

“Project 58:10 is a ministry located in Pulaski County dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of children who are food insecure,” told Peterson. “We deliver nearly 800 brown paper bags of food every week to ensure the children have enough food while they are home during the weekends. More than food is packed in the bags, though. Every bag is prayed over by our volunteers. We pray that every child receiving a bag is not only well-fed but that they know there is hope. The children we help do not know who the bags are from, but they do know that someone cares about them.”

This year’s event features two races, a 5K race and a Little Monster Dash for children age ten and under. The 5K race will start at 2 p.m. at the airport on Sunday, October 24th. To sign up, please visit the Lake Cumberland Runners website. To receive ten percent off of the race entry fee, use the code CJSPORTS at checkout.

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