Rockies win over Rays at Cole Park


The Rays' Xavier Gregory (left) makes a play at home plate on Rockies' base runner Luke Stringer (right) in Burnside Little League baseball play at Cole Park on Monday.

BURNSIDE - And while the COVID-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on sports, the Burnside Little League has seemed to thrive during these adverse times. Although the bleachers have been removed from Burnside's Cole Park, to help with social distancing, the atmosphere at the state's second oldest Little League charter is more festive than ever.

With their capability to live stream all their games; fans, friends and families can safely sit in the comfort of their own homes and still enjoy all the sights and sounds of Burnside Little League baseball action.

And when you talk about sounds, both the spectators at Cole Park and the live-streaming viewers at home get a special play-by-play commentary by Ron Shaw - who gives his own unique spin on America's Favorite Pastime.

On Monday, the Burnside Masonic Lodge Rockies downed the Wildcat Used Cars Rays by a score of 10-1. The Rockies were led by Luke Stringer, who went 2-for 2 at the plate and scored two runs. Stringer hit a gapper to right center for an inside-the-park homer in the first inning and doubled up the middle in the second frame.

The Rockies' Tony Mullins had a hit and scored two runs. Paxton Futrell, Teagan Kennedy, Zack Hutchinson, Gavin Warrick, Micah Simpson, and Conner Brown, all scored one run each. Paxton Futrell singled, Teagan Kennedy hit a triple, Tony Mullins singled and Micah Simpson singled.

For the Rays, Xavier Gregory scored his team's lone run. Also, the Rays only hit came when Asher Futrell doubled off his brother Paxton Futrell, who was on the mound pitching for the Rockies.

STEVE CORNELIUS is the CJ Sports Editor and can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @CJSportseditor.

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