Somerset wins first tourney of season

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The Somerset Wrestling Club finished with the most team pins in the Woodford Youth Fall Classic. Somerset wrestling scored a meet-high 259 points, ahead of runner-ups Boyle County with 241 points.


The Somerset Wrestling Club finished with the most team pins in the Woodford Youth Fall Classic. Somerset wrestling scored a meet-high 259 points, ahead of runner-ups Boyle County with 241 points.

Somerset Wrestling Club had 23 kids to medal at their first tournament at the Woodford Youth fall Classic. Six kids won 1st place, five kids won 2nd place, nine kids won 3rd place, three kids won 4th, and one kid won 5th.

"We had to add more coaches because we have such a big group," stated Somerset Wrestling coach Mondell Hunter. "I would like to thank our coaches for an outstanding job and the parents for their continued support."

Pee Wee 36-42 Weight Class Zander Upchurch placed third. Pee Wee 49-61 Weight Class Briar Farmer placed third. Pee Wee 36-42B Weight Class Kaiden Alexander placed second.

Bantam 40 Weight Class Ryder Upchurch placed second. Bantam 40 Weight Class Tatum Strunk placed first.

"Tatum is one of those returning State Placer's who does everything the right way," Hunter stated. "He really doesn't want to lose so he always wins."

Bantam 49 Weight Class Ryker Goldson did not place. Bantam 58 Weight Class Noah Eldridge did not place. Bantam 58 Carson Stachulski placed is first.

"Carson is the most outstanding wrestler on our team," Hunter said. "He wrestled his first tournament."

Bantam 58 Weight Class DeShawn Martin did not place but he fought hard and he could have won every match he wrestled. Bantam 64 Weight Class Conner Shepherd placed third.

"Conner really wrestled aggressive and it helped him finish with the most pins at the tournament," Hunter boasted.

Bantam 72 Weight Class Eli Shepherd did not place but he really wrestled hard every match. Bantam 72 Weight Class Cruz Roberts did not place.

Cruz has been sick, so he has some catching up to do," Hunter explained. "He really did a good job."

Bantam 49B Weight Class Braiden Beebe did not place. Bantam 49C Weight Class John Davis did not place but he wrestled great after losing his first match.

Intermediate (True Beginners) 47-53 Weight Class James-Michael Vaughn placed third. Intermediate (True Beginners) 61-67 Weight Class Peyton Benedict placed first.

"Peyton really surprised the coaches by winning the tournament in his weight division," Hunter admitted.

Intermediate (True Beginners) 68-75 Weight Class Damien Saddler placed third. Intermediate (True Beginners) 76-88 Weight Class Trevin Durham's place is first. Intermediate (True Beginners) 122-135 Weight Class Nathaniel Parker placed second. Intermediate (True Beginners) 54-60B Weight Class Emory Mize placed first. Intermediate (True Beginners) 61-67B Weight Class Cody Allen placed 2nd. Intermediate 50 Weight Class Alex Upchurch did not place.

"Alex is a returning State Champion, had some hard kids in his bracket, but we will fix his technique and get him back to winning," said Hunter.

Intermediate 72 Weight Class Donavan Rowe did not place. Intermediate 72 Weight Class Joshua Ray placed third. Intermediate 80 Weight Class Anykn Johnson did not place.

"We look forward to a big season from Anykn, who we call the Big Squeeze." said Hunter.

Intermediate 80 Weight Class Chase Crawford placed fourth.

"Chase had an ear infection all week, but he defies the odds," Hunter stated. "He wanted to wrestle both days anyway. He ended up wrestling the match of the tournament winning a heart breaker against a tough kid."

Intermediate 80 Weight Class Asher Weddle did not place. Intermediate 58C Weight Class Mason Brooks placed third.

"Mason is a returning state champ and state finalist," said Hunter. "After he wrestled a tough match he finally listened better and turned into a Terminator type of performance. We would like to compete for the Championship this year and these kids like Mason have what it takes."

Novice (True Beginners) 60-70 Weight Class Taylor Murphy did not place.

"Taylor really wrestled hard," Hunter said. "We look forward to watching her compete some more."

Novice (True Beginners) 71-80 Weight Class Tyson Gager placed sixth. Novice (True Beginners) 81-106 Weight Class Marlee Durham (GIRL) placed third. Novice (True Beginners) 107-125 Weight Class Wardell McAdoo did not place.

"Wardell had his takedowns going well," Hunter said. "I think he will do well with more competition."

Novice 70 Weight Class Cameron Underwood placed third. Novice 112 Weight Class Zachary Benedict did not place.

"Zachary left with migraines not even getting a chance to compete, but we look forward to him returning to the mat," stated Hunter.

Middle School (True Beginners) 98-108 Weight Class Jazlyn Durham placed fifth. Middle School (True Beginners) 140-155 Weight Class Zachary Carter placed fourth. Middle School (True Beginners) 140-155 Weight Class James Ledford Jr place is fourth. Middle School 116 Weight Class Kristopher Hughes placed second.

"Kristopher is one of the hardest working kids I have ever coached," said Hunter. "A natural leader. We look forward to him becoming a complete wrestler in all positions this year with more time on the mat."

Middle School 160-185 Weight Class Anthony Ray placed first. He wrestled Middle School Saturday and he placed sixth.

Estin Bruns competed Saturday and he placed sixth.

"Estin really wrestled good Saturday," stated Hunter.

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