Somerset Wrestling hosts first-ever match in the local area

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The Somerset Wrestling Club hosted their first tournament ever in Pulaski County this past Saturday, at Meece Middle School.

Somerset Wrestling Club hosted their first tournament ever in Pulaski County this Saturday. Meece Middle gym was packed with middle school students and parents from all over the state for the historic wrestling event. This tournament, as well as all the others Somerset Wrestling Club has attended, was ran on a system called Track-Wrestling that can be tracked all over the United States.

The final results left Johnson Central winning the whole tournament and Somerset Wrestling coming in at fifth place.

"A lot of the coaches that attended the event complimented on the fact that the parents and volunteers of Somerset Wrestling Club ran a great tournament which is exactly what we wanted to hear," says Somerset wrestling coach Mondell Hunter. "I would like to give a special thanks to my wife Misty Hunter, Brittany, Johnson, Natalie Underwood, Charlie Crawford, Amanda Durham, Trasia McCrystal, Kelly Strunk, Summer Goldson, Samantha Benedict, Destiny Allen, Alyson Shepherd, Ashely Frye, and Kerri Brooks."

Unfortunately, the Youth event that Somerset Wrestling had planned to host on Sunday was canceled. So after the busy Saturday, Somerset Wrestling traveled north to Anderson County to participate in the Bourbon Trail Brawl. This was a great event for Somerset as the results below will show:

1 Somerset Wrestling Club, KY SW 26 188.0; 2 McCreary Youth Wrestling 4291 30 187.0; 3 Braves Wrestling 4303 27 180.0; 4 Fern Creek Youth Wrestling 4290 19 173.0; and 5 Derby City Legends, LLC 4304 14 156.0

Somerset had two youth wrestles place at the Pee-Wee level. Zander Upchurch placed third (Pee-Wee 45A) and Briar Farmer placed third (Pee-Wee HWT A).

Following the Pee-Wee, Somerset had six youth place and two compete harder than they ever had in the Bantam level. Carson Stachulski placed first at Bantam 53B.

"This kid keeps getting better with every single tournament he goes to. Carson is the most valuable wrestler of the season so far," says Coach Mondell Hunter.

Eli Shepherd placed first at Bantam 85B and his brother Connor Shepherd placed second Bantam 85A. Somerset also had Tatum Strunk in second for Bantam 49B, Deshawn Martin was second for Bantam 56B and Ryder Upchurch placed second for Bantam 49A.

"Noah Eldridge and Ryker Goldson did not place but its finally starting to click within them the premise of how tough they needs to be to execute on the mat," says Hunter.

At the Intermediate level, Somerset Wrestling had Alex Upchurch placing first at Intermediate 49. Mason Brooks also placed first at Intermediate in 53A.

"Nobody is safe when this kid flips the switch on the mat,' stated Hunter. "In one match he did a cartwheel cradle to finish and on a scale of 1-10, the degree of difficulty is very difficult. All Mason wants to do is win no matter what. Anykn Johnson did not place at Intermediate 71A but he showed up ready to wrestle any opponent."

Joshua Ray placed second for Intermediate 71A.

Donavan Rowe did not place at Intermediate 71B but this kid has dealt with a lot of adversity," Hunter stated. "But I'll be the first to tell you that he is coming along strong. Once his mother started appreciating this new effort, we knew he was a different kid."

Peyton Benedict also did not place at Intermediate 71B.

"This is another tough kid according to his coaches," Hunter said. "He is inexperienced, but he is as mean as a junk yard dog. You know he wrestles with a chip on his shoulder and the coaches love it. I can walk away from the mat knowing he is going to make somebody fight for all 3 periods."

Chase Crawford came through and placed third at Intermediate 84A.

"This kid has struggled to regain his form but has worked hard and we are starting to see him round into it. He practices hard, is a leader, and he's respectful, but we need to see a 'Viper' type of attack that we all got used to seeing." says Hunter. "When another coach asks 'Can Chase-Cat take it easy on this kid?' we know as coaches he is starting to put it all together. We all just really enjoy coaching kids like Chase who wears his team on his sleeve."

Last but not least for Intermediate, Trevin Durham placed second at Intermediate 84B.

"Trevin is such a quiet kid to be around," Hunter stated. "But once, the whistles blow he turns into something completely different. Even Coach Danny Crawford said he wished all the kids possessed this quality. He will run through a wall for his coaches and you do not want to be on the other side, especially with a different uniform. Trevin is aggressive from start of the match to end of the match."

Trevin's sisters Marlee Durham did not place at Novice 92. and Jazlyn Durham's place is fourth at Schoolboy 98, but both girls put their heart into their matches.

Cameron Underwood placed first for Novice 70.

"Cameron is hands down the best kid in the mat room every day," Hunter stated. "He has been with me for awhile and everyone has been waiting on this version of Cameron. He knows more than the coaches, so he is hard to deal with sometimes. Cameron has really wrestled consistent the last three tournaments and as of now is aware of what he needs to do wrestle in terms of what is expected of him so he can continue to be consistent in terms of mastering the basics."

Somerset Wrestling had Tyson Gager placing second at Novice 86, Jayvian Canada placed fourth at Novice 74, Zach Benedict placing fourth at Novice 108A, and Wardell McAdoo at fourth for Novice 108B.

Anthony Ray placed third for Schoolboy 152.

"Anthony is starting to get his weight where it needs to be in terms of where we think he needs to be at this point in the season," Hunter stated

After receiving the good news about the tournament turnout Kerri Brooks said, "Our Youth Invitational home tournament got canceled because we didn't have enough teams signed up, so Somerset Wrestling Club traveled to Anderson Co to the Bourbon Trail Brawl. Mason brought home first place and our team won the entire meet!"

It is safe to say that as Somerset Wrestling Club continues to grow and establish a name for themselves, the community and surrounding areas are excited to see exactly how far the team goes and what all they can accomplish. You won't regret keeping up with the SWC as big things are to come for them.

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