Somerset Wrestling wins KFWC Youth State Championship

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The Somerset Wrestling team won the KFWC Youth State Championship with 370 team points. Somerset placed first out 94 teams in the state of Kentucky.

The Somerset Wrestling team won the KFWC Youth State Championship with 370 team points. Somerset placed first out 94 teams in the state of Kentucky.

“Our coaches really did a good job of making sure everyone was where they needed to be and really made some adjustments that were key in winning State,” stated Somerset Wrestling Coach Mondell Hunter. “We became the first team ever in Pulaski County to win a KFWC Youth Wrestling State Championship.”

The Somerset wrestling team had nine individual state champion wrestlers. Tatum Strunk, Carson Stachulski, Kaiden Rodgers, DeShawn Martin, Mason Brooks, Devin Brumley, Kaison Phillips, Darius Ridener, and Cameron Underwood all were crowned state champion wrestlers.

Here is a recap of each Somerset wrestler competing in the KFWC Youth State Championship:

6U/PeeWee 45A - Jeremiah Hunter placed 3rd and scored 19.0 team points. The coach’s son came up short one match from making it to the finals but the future looks bright for “FLASH,” said Coach Hunter.

6U/PeeWee 65 - Jaycee Turner did not place but scored 4.0 team points.

8U/Bantam 49A - Emerson Barberena did not place. His father is a firefighter, but he has adjusted fighting wildfires to bring his kid across county lines to be apart of the best program in Kentucky RIGHT NOW. His sacrifice has paid off.

8U/Bantam 49A - Jagger Durham placed 5th and scored 13.0 team points. We call him one part of the “Terrible 3” proud of this young man, he made it through all the practices. Its hard for kids his age to focus in practices but went hard at State. Big Jagg was rewarded this weekend.

8U/Bantam 49B - Brayden Brooks placed 6th and scored 10.0 team points. The last part of the “Terrible 3”, The Purple Panther has unlimited potential, we just need to get him head in the right direction sometimes but overall he wrestled close to his best at the best moment.

8U/Bantam 70A - Liam Boreing did not place but scored 3.0 team points.

8U/Bantam 70B - Hadley Piercy did not place but scored 3.0 team points. Hadley was unsure what she needed to do to even make a positive adjustment in wrestling being sick the last few weeks, but she made a great impact and statement that will carry on into her young career next year. I’m certainly excited to see her growth as Girl’s wrestling continue to explode across the BlueGrass state.

8U/Bantam 70B - Jordan Lewis placed 6th and scored 10.0 team points. This kid started doing individual lessons and something changed in him. Sometimes it takes a little one on one and with that Jordan wrestled well. I think he could be a future podium snatcher of the first-place medal for Somerset Wrestling.

10U/Intermediate 53 - Kathryn Oakes placed 4th and scored 16.0 team points. “Let’s Go Bailee” She probably is the one of the newcomers of the year. That’s right and she is a girl too, who started late in the season. She cries a little, but she gets meaner every time having a bigger brother that wrestles also kind of makes her come in with a chip on her shoulder.

10U/Intermediate 56 - Tatum Strunk placed 1st and scored 25.0 team points. Tatum aka “Young Gucci” became a 3-time state Champion and there was no doubt because he looked like the best kid in the building or should I say the best kid in Kentucky. He didn’t give up any points and he was an absolute terror to stand in front of, just AMAZING.

10U/Intermediate 59A - Carson Stachulski placed 1st and scored 27.0 team points. Carson also became a 3-time State Champions, we call him “Don’t let the pretty face fool you, he is a dawg!!!! We went to a big National Prep camp in Columbus, Ohio and these kids were asking who these little machines from Kentucky. I think that set the tone of what we expected going into the final week of the season. Phenomenal

10U/Intermediate 63B - Kaiden Rodgers placed is 1st and scored 27.0 team points. This kid here became a 2-time state champion. Kaiden has unreal ability to just explode through opponents with a mean streak that makes them decide. Either get off the train track or get ran completely over. I’m real proud because he didn’t understand all of the hard coaching all the time, but he was all smiles when finally, he ended the season AGAIN on TOP.

10U/Intermediate 63B - Byron Hutchison did not place. This kid didn’t place but he will be a placer if not a State Champion. He really is a tough little hammer who will figure it out and make a statement in the years to come.

10U/Intermediate 67B - DeShawn Martin placed 1st and scored 30.0 team points. Deshawn has waited his turn for the last three years watching all his football teammates win, win, win. Well Deshawn said there is a new sheriff in town, and he left nothing on the mat. He was absolutely a nightmare for his opponents.

10U/Intermediate 71A - Maddox Mellencamp did not place. This is another one of those kids, that when he figures it out and gets a little more mat time he will successfully, and I mean easily take the state by storm.

10U/Intermediate 77B - Jeffrey Turner placed 6th and scored 11.5 team points. This kid really is a tough kid who has made an immediate impact to our wrestling family. His parents run the East/West Karate gym in Somerset, and we have worked together in numerous endeavors. We have combined our efforts to expand wrestling the oldest form of martial arts even in Jujitsu just like other gyms have around the county.

10U/Intermediate 93A - Eli Shepherd placed 3rd and scored 20.0 team points. Eli and his twin brother Connor Shepherd who are part of the combo called “Double Trouble”. Both kids work hard, and they too started private lessons. You can see the switch click in them. Both kids lost to the eventual state champion of their brackets, but they really made a BIG Statement. I’m proud of how they both carried themselves in victory and close defeat to help our team reach a new height.

10U/Intermediate 93A - Abel Messamore did not place. Abel wrestled hard. He will be one of those kids who finds the missing piece to add to the collection of hardware for this team in the future.

10U/Intermediate 93B - Conner Shepherd placed 3rd and scored 18.0 team points.

10U/Intermediate 105 - Cruz Roberts did not place. Cruz tried wrestling before. He came back this time with a renewed focus and did all the small things we asked as coaches. He will see the benefits going forward. We are proud of the strides he made this year.

12U/Novice 67 - Mason Brooks places 1st and scored 26.0 team points. The heart and soul of the team Mason is a 4-time State Champion. He has hugged me more the last few days than he has all year. Me and his father Brandon Brooks’ has pushed Mason harder than he has ever been pushed. We even told him he probably wouldn’t win it. Well, you can’t tell the Terminator what he can’t do, lol. He blacked out while wrestling in the finals against the same kid he wrestled last year but I believe you will have to carry him out on a stretcher before loses. He is one of the best kids in the nation and I believe he will get a division 1 scholarship one day. I just pray I’m young enough to stay around to see it lol. What a great group of kids and when they came together this year, we had one goal in site. We did it.

12U/Novice 70 - Landon Oakes placed 4th and scored 20.0 team points. Landon is a special athlete; I call him the “Hat to back Attack” He works out in the morning and did two practices a day almost all season. You are talking about committed. I think he will make a big jump in the state, and it will be hard to slow him down. He wrestled lights out. He was just quicker and stronger all day. We are pleased with his results, but we are not satisfied. He wanted to work out the next morning. It is really enjoyable to coach such a good kid.

12U/Novice 74 - Devin Brumley placed 1st and scored 27.0 team points. Devin dedicated himself to camps early this summer even having a broken thumb he came back and gained something only few has been able to do. State champion!!

12U/Novice 74 - Carson Phillips did not place but scored 4.0 team points.

12U/Novice 74 - Landry Anderson did not place but earned 4 team points. Landry is a freakish athlete who has skills comparable to rocket when he takes off for a takedown. He will be a freight train next year.

12U/Novice 78 - Kellen Mccrystal did not place. Kellen was under the weather, and I knew it would affect him, but he really did a good job this year. We are looking forward to him making it to the top of the podium like his older brother Brayden McCrystal who wrestles high school this year.

12U/Novice 78 - Kaison Phillips placed 1st and scored 29.0 team points. Mr. Cool Calm and Collective!!! This was the most impressive kid in practice all year. You couldn’t out work him. He put his head down and worked like a Mine Mule. He said” This is why you come to Somerset, to win 1st place and to win the whole dog gone thang!!!!! I said Well that’s just what we did…

12U/Novice 82A - Tatum Watson placed 4th and scored 13.0 team points. We call this kid “Gritty gang!!’ Just full of grit!!! He had the best year on the mat along with a few others and he placed 4th, but you couldn’t tell it. He is just a super kid and I love watching him evolve into one of the best kids I’ve coached and in the state. He tells me thanks after every practice!!! Somebody is raising this young very well.

12U/Novice 92A - Trevin Durham placed 5th and scored 15.0 team points. Trevin might be one of the strongest kids on the team. “Strong as an OX” He is starting to understand he can compete against anyone. He was a few points shy of making the finals. He made a big jump in competition and camps this year. He practiced two practices a day and worked out early mornings. He was the pivotal win that sealed the deal on our dominate State championship run. Its not about who places what, it’s about who was the last man standing. Trevin was standing with the team trophy with his teammates proclaiming Somerset Kentucky has the best team in the State….

12U/Novice 98A - Anykn Johnson placed 5th and scored 11.0 team points. Big Squeeze placed 5th but they knew they were in a dog fight from start to finish. We are proud of how he never gave in and didn’t quit.

12U/Novice 98B - Darius Ridener placed 1st and scored 28.0 team points. We call him “Smooth Operator” he was so excited to finally get to the top of the podium. He will forever know that he made the sacrifices and because of the hard work he can accomplish anything. Darius has been a leader all year. We just enjoyed watching him, all the coaches love to see what we thought he could accomplish if he gets out of his on way.

12U/Novice 160 - Christian Barnes did not place.

12U/Novice 160 - Kaden Phillips places is 3rd and scored 17.0 team points.

14U/Middle School 72 - Gabriel Pendery places 4th and scored 5.0 team points. Gabe is starting to hit full stride and I’m excited about him and where he can ultimately end up. He refuses to let someone out work him so I’m going to support him as he makes a shift to the next level in his athletic ability

14U/Middle School 88 - Ethan McCrystal places 4th and scored 14.0 team points. “Big E” we call him, I tell him all the time, he was always the meanest kid in the family. He really wrestled hard. Ethan will not back down, and he showed minus a few times getting in too high in position. Ethan can cradle you from anywhere. Ethan was just important as the State Champion’s in which we had a lot of them. He was the reason we were able to win also because we ran through consolations like chicken noodle soup! Ethan did not come for nothing he came to get a medal and he did just that.

14U/Middle School 88 - Cameron Underwood placed 1st and scored 27.0 team points. “Killa Cam” Was on absolutely point in every position! He is another kid who practiced twice and worked out early in the morning. Some people say don’t work out early, don’t do this, but if we didn’t do the early morning workouts would we still win, I don’t know? The fact that he did, and we did WIN, kind of closes the mouth of the ones who say what we shouldn’t do what, when we are winning. Sacrifice changed my life. I think the kids, families, school system, grandparents, and coaches sacrificed a lot and it paid off because we are number 1.

14U/Middle School 123A - Ayvah Tungate did not place

14U/Middle School 123B - Cameron Edison did not place

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